Screen Printing in Coeur d’Alene/Hayden

Printed T-shirts are quite popular as well as custom screened sweatshirts. For most standard spot colors jobs, our best pricing begins at 24+ pieces. Price breaks are available from 12, 24,36 up to 48, then 72, 144, 288, 576, 1,000– and all the way up to 10,000 total quantity.

  • <h2><strong>Priest Lake Multisports</strong></h2>

    Priest Lake Multisports

    3 spot color screen print.
    Design by Tran Creative
  • <h2><strong>Bikini '46</strong></h2>

    Bikini '46

    2 spot color screen print.
    Design by Myriad Designs
  • <h2><strong>Yawp & Howl 2013</h2></strong>

    Yawp & Howl 2013

    2 spot color screen print, with underprinting.
    Design by Avenue 54 Advertising

We also have years of experience in achieving special “looks”, such as soft hand and water based printing. This is where the printed area ends up being as soft or nearly as soft as the shirt fabric itself. If you have special printing requirements, all you need to do is let us know! We’ll give your print project the extra attention it requires to meet your expectations. We can even produce preproduction samples upon request (and in some circumstances at additional cost).  Our goal is to produce a screen printed shirt that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Also available at Atomic Threads is full color process or CMYK printing. This is an advanced process where a full color or photographic design is separated into four constituent colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black/Key. For printing on dark garments, we usually print these special inks on a white underbase because the process inks are transparent and would blend into a darker background. This is a difficult process and requires much art prep to get colors to turn out right in the end, which means for most full color projects, a larger order (96+ pieces) is the most cost effective. We’ve learned about color correction from the CMYK masters– scanner operators from the prepress industry. This insight gives us a unique advantage over other screen print shops in our area and abroad.

We have other advanced color separation techniques we use as well, which set Atomic Threads apart from others in our industry. We are capable of printing “simulated process” screen prints, which generally speaking look similar to process color prints, but the difference being they are printed in standard spot color inks. The look is achieved by printing the image in halftone dots directly to the fabric material. Usually this process is used on dark garments, but can be used on lights as well.


A short list of items which work well with the screen print process:

• T-shirts– Cotton tees, polyester “tech” tees AKA dry-fit tees, performance tees, 50/50 T-shirts, triblend T-shirts, youth T-shirts, infant onesies
• Sweatshirts– Hoodie sweats, crewneck sweats, full-zip sweatshirts, 50/50 blend sweats, 100% poly performance sweats, heavyweight (12 oz+) fleece, 100% cotton lighweight fleece, sweatpants
• Activewear– Tank tops, athletic jerseys, football jerseys, hockey jerseys, reversible basketball jerseys, raglan baseball jerseys, cotton shorts, mesh shorts, cheer shorts
• Other– towels, hand towels, golf towels, safety vests, reflective safety shirts, mesh material and other specialty materials

Occassionally we will screen print polo shirts, dress shirts, outerwear and other items depending on the desired look and end result.

If you are in the Coeur d’Alene area, feel free to stop by our office to check out our high quality printing. We have many screen printed samples and garment samples in our showroom. Our professional staff would be happy to show you around!


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