Custom solutions

Our goal at Atomic Threads is to help our customers meet their goals. And to do that, we sometimes must think “outside the box” so to speak. A few examples–

• One nationwide restaurant chain told us that ideally, they wanted to have their dozen or so uniform items to be made available to franchisees through a custom “company store” website, and that speedy delivery was a priority to them. AT made this happen. Fast forward– This account now has a slick, user-friendly ordering system accessed via the web, and orders are drop shipped within 1-3 business days to their locations across the USA.

• A local medical organization needed a simple, centralized way for their 2,500+ staff to order standardized logowear items, helping to maintain brand identity. (Up until then, many departments and staff had been going “off the reservation” and had ended up with logowear which did not meet brand specs.) AT helped this by creating TWO company store sites for different purposes, which has been made available to staff through the organization’s intranet. This is not the first setup AT has created similar to this.

• A talented piano bar entertainer, who contracts with various cruise lines throughout the year asked AT to create  a custom solution for him. He orders in bulk in order to get optimum pricing, but is faced with the limitation of how much of his merch he is able to bring on board the ship with him at a time. We’ve worked out a deal where we ship him just what he needs for a cruise gig, so he doesn’t have to haul the reminder around with him from ship to land and back to sea again. We inventory the rest and send another shipment to him when he needs it.

We’re all about helping meet your needs. We are a specialized business and we serve the needs of other unique and specialized businesses as well. It’s not about selling you shirts, it’s about helping you meet your goals. Atomic Threads is a dynamic and flexible supplier and we’re people who are willing to work with and help other people like you. If you have a situation requiring a custom solution, we’d be happy to do whatever we can do to help.  >>Contact Us