Customer provided blanks

We generally prefer to provide the blanks for most projects, but in certain situations AT will agree to decorate items which are brought in to us. If you choose to bring outside items to us for decoration, we’ll have you agree to the following policy:


In short: There are many potential risks inherent in having outside items decorated, and if something goes wrong and if something gets ruined, all we can do is tell you “Sorry!!”)


The long version: You need to be aware of a HUGE disclaimer when it comes to having us decorate customer provided property. There is always some degree of uncertainty when we go to decorate new, yet untested and/or unusual garments.

• While we’re very well acquainted with items from our regular sources and we are generally pretty mission-adaptable, when we decorate a new type of garment for the first time, we are making quite a few educated guesses and there’s a higher probability of unpredictable results, which we cannot be held responsible for. (If we DO we provide the items and something goes wrong, we will absolutely do our best to take care of it for you, and will nearly always issue replacements at no additional cost to you.)

• Some items are simply not made to be decorated, sometimes with no way of knowing beforehand, and results may not be as expected. We cannot possibly know how each and every item brought in to our shop will react during the decorating process, nor how they will hold up months or years later. Sometimes items look perfect initially, but after wear or washings it is possible for imperfections to appear.

• This also applies to the possibility of garments getting ruined during the decoration process. We cannot be held responsible for replacing customer provided property if misprints, mistakes or botches occur. This applies to all projects where we do not sell the garments to you.