About digital garment printing

Digital garment printing (DGP printing; sometimes referred to as DTG or Direct to garment printing) is a relatively new print process where a design is printed right to the shirt or other item by a digital inkjet printer. These devices are very similar to inkjet printers found in most home offices, only adapted to spray specialized inks onto fabric material rather than paper stock.

AT does not currently do DGP printing in-house. If you require this application, we can most certainly help you out though if you need. One of our local print partners does a fabulous job of this and we can either handle the project for you if you wish, or refer you to work directly with them for these types of projects.

A few notes about DGP Printing:

• DGP printing is great for full color prints which would otherwise require a full color process (CMYK) print process, which is setup intensive and can be costly in smaller quantities.

• This process is suitable for short production runs only. The cost per print begins to cost more per unit with higher quantities (24+ pieces)

• The screen print process yields a better quality, more vibrant and more colorfast image than does DGP printing. Th potential tradeoff is the cost.

• Our print partners’ equipment is only currently capable of printing on lighter colored garments, not dark garments.