Digitizing for embroidery

Any design to be embroidered must first be “digitized”. This is a process by which we recreate the design in a format our computerized embroidery machines can understand. Unlike the screen print process or thermal transfers, where we generally use vector artwork, embroidery art is it’s own entity. A digitized design cannot be used for much of anything else, and even if we start with vector artwork, must always be digitized.

Digitizing is a one-time cost, an embroidered sew-out will be presented for approval and artwork will be kept on file indefinitely for future use. We are usually able to create one digitized file which will look good on both the front of hats & beanies as well as a left (or right) chest on shirts & outerwear.

Cost for digitizing depends mainly on the size of the logo, and also the complexity and end use (garments, upholstery, etc). For a no obligation quote, feel free to >>Contact Us