About our referral & social networks

We refer to the best local vendors in related fields. Often times we get asked “Where should I go to get X”? We can help, especially if you are looking for something in the graphic arts industry. Graphic design, branding, signage, vehicle wraps/lettering, promotional products, printed paper goods, trade show graphics– You name it, we can help source it. Generally speaking, we prefer to simply refer you to the “best of the best”, without the desire to “middleman” the work or collect any money from the job. We feel we profit enough by referring you to professionals in hopes that you get the best value, and by doing so we maintain our status as the best in the decorated apparel field– by sticking to what we know. All too often “one stop shopping” yields a strength in one area but tends to be lacking in others. We’re proud to work alongside the very best in related fields.

We are very active in many, diverse social networks. We are proud members of the Hayden Chamber of Commerce and the Coeur d’Alene Chamber. We sponsor many local clubs, organizations and events each year. We are heavily invested in social media, and love to share our work on our Facebook page among others. It is a common practice for us to share photos of jobs we’ve done and tag our customers’ businesses and organizations in our posts (with permission of course). We feel that when individuals and organizations support us, that we are much obliged to reciprocate. We make a strong effort to help promote and support those who support us, as it helps ensure the health and vitality on both our ends. In our eyes, that’s what business is about!