Is there a minimum I must meet to place an order?

Quick answers:

New designs = YES
Exact Reorder designs = NO / not usually.

T-shirt product mockup example

Need to know:

New Designs:

If a client needs a new design, the minimum opening order is $500 of product. This standard minimum applies to any and all new designs.
After the initial order, clients can place reorders for any qty after the opening order.


Exact Reorder designs:

• Clients can reorder any quantity they want & need (large or small orders are no issue!), IF the design is an Exact Reorder.
• Tiered quantity-based pricing applies to each individual order/reorder, (so pricing may get higher than on a previous order, for smaller reorders).


Exact Reorders of Patch & Digital Print designs:

• For decoration types with outsourced parts (all types of patches, Digital Print), this can become trickier, but only slightly--
• Typically on the opening order, we purchase a few extra designs, but usually less than 5. If we still have enough of the designs ready, we can produce a smaller reorder very easily.
If more designs/parts needed from our third-party specialist vendor, then (design part ONLY) the order minimum is
    Digital Print:                  25 pieces minimum
    Leatherette patches:     25 pieces minimum
    Embroidered patches:    50 min    (4-6 week turnaround)
    Sublimated patches:       50 min    (4-6 week turnaround)

Note: If this is the case, you are not required to order 25 PRODUCTS, just 25 of the patch or Digital Print, to meet our suppliers' minimum order requirements.

* If we used all of your leatherette patches on the opening order...
* But you need to place an order for 10 more of the same product.
* You will need to order 25 more of that patch... (Note:  to meet our suppliers' requirements!)
What we will quote you for:
• The 10 decorated products (with patch applied), at the 9+ quantity pricing tier. (More on Quantity Discounts here) 
• The cost of the decoration remaining (15 qty patches).
Shipping ​​​​​​, which is typically a flat rate $15 from all of our specialist our suppliers.

I'm still confused!

The easiest thing to do is to request a Quote/Reorder. Our team will figure all these details out for you, give you itemized & a total cost + will e-mail the Official Quote for your review.

Your rep is here to help explain the process until you are feeling totally comfortable moving forward. We are here to help you understand the process. We know there are a lot of fine details, but that's what we are here for!

How can I get a quote from you for my project?
• We'd love to get you a quote! Use our Quote / Reorder form. This is THE best way to request a quote, because the form makes sure to ask all the relevant questions. You can even upload your art files here!  Get a quote here.

Have another question for us?
• Reach out to the team by using our General Questions form.

We hope this makes things a bit clearer. Educated clients are our favorite clients! --the AT team

We run one or sometimes many test prints each time we set up to decorate using your design(s).