Basic FAQ's

What's your standard turnaround time?
• 5-10 business days for reordered designs (logos we've printed for you previously). Add 1-4 extra days for projects with new artwork.

What's your order minimum?
• For all projects with new art, we require a $500 minimum opening order. After the first order, feel free to order as many or as few as you need.

Art FAQ's: 

Please check out our Art Proofs page for answers to your mockup & design questions.

Can I order a single shirt or hat?
• Sure, but only after a $500+ initial order to establish your design(s). Sorry, we don't do one-off orders or take on smaller projects. There are plenty of online vendors who can do this very easily, maybe start at:

What items do you keep in stock?
• Zero. We stock nothing at all. We order blanks from suppliers immediately as quotes are approved & paid in full.

About how long does it take for the blank items to arrive?
• If everything is in stock, most item arrive within 2 to 7 business days.

How long does it take you to decorate, after blanks arrive?
• It depends on the decoration type, quantity & complexity of the art, but generally we begin decorating 1-3 days after blanks arrive.

What's your return policy?
• Since everything we do is custom, we cannot accept returns. Once an item has your design on/in it, we can't then sell it to someone else! It is VERY important that you check over EVERY detail of your project prior to quote & proof approval.

But what if something doesn't fit?
• We can certainly measure an item to be sure it's not a manufacturing issue, but in nearly all cases we cannot replace items which do not fit. Again, check your quote thoroughly before you approve. We highly encourage you to look at product spec sheets and measurements when determining sizes. Links are usually made available in your quote. If not, justbask your sales rep.

Is it possible to try something on before you decorate?
• Yes, by special request, and we highly encourage this when ordering new garment styles.

Is the decoration done in-house?
• In nearly all cases, YES. We like the high level of quality control we get by applying designs to blank garments in-house.

Is anything you do outsourced?
• Some decoration partts are sourced from specialist suppliers, namely patches and digital prints. But as mentioned, we apply these designs to your garments in-house. To maintain ultra-high quality control, we do not "sub out" any of our decoration work, other than the few specific parts, mentioned previously.

Can I bring in my own shirts?
• Would you bring in your own steak to a steakhouse? No we don't do this, for lots of reasons. See our Customer Provided Garments page for an in depth explanation of why you shouldn't risk bringing your own blanks to a decorator. Something WILL get ruined!!


How can I get a quote from you for my project?
• We'd love to get you a quote! Use our Quote / Reorder form. This is THE best way to request a quote, because the form makes sure to ask all the relevant questions. You can even upload your art files here!  Get a quote here!

Have another question for us?
• Reach out to the team by using our General Questions form.

We hope this helps things a bit simpler. Educated clients are our favorite clients! --the AT team

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