Artwork & proofing:

Quite easily the most complex and daunting aspect of any custom printing project is the artwork.

Don’t worry– We’ve got you covered.

The dedicated, full-time members of our in-house art department draw on years of experience in our field and have the technology at their fingertips to handle the many details of obtaining, processing and proofing the art you provide us with. After art approval, we use our highly refined techniques and processes to prep your art for the production areas.

“But my art’s not camera-ready!!! I don’t even know what that means!!!!” (If it helps you to relax, we don’t even use a camera for art of this type anymore.) Almost 100% of the time, the art we send to production has at some point been converted into a digital format. There are plenty of details relating to specific types of artwork (which only us “print nerds” think are cool), but for our basic informational purposes here let’s consider some very general terms to help you better understand the processes we employ.

Vector art: The files used to produce print-ready artwork for screen printing and thermal transfers.

Digitized art: Designs specifically created for embroidery applications