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school uniforms

We've made school uniform shopping SO easy!

Remember when you had to:  Get in the car / drive to Old Navy / buy blank shirts / drive them to the print shop / wait three weeks (or longer) / drive back to the print shop / OOPS two of them were misprinted..... / back to Old Navy / (repeat)

Now all you need to do is:  Order online + your child's uniforms arrive in the mail. (Isn't that SO much easier??)

We've created dedicated online stores to serve each of the local uniform schools, while saving parents time and hassle.

• Order 24/7/365, and feel good knowing that a quality product will arrive at your door in about 10-14 days.
• Shipping is included with all orders.
• Every purchase benefits local charity. We donate $1 from each shirt purchase to CDA Children's Village!

Ordering your school uniforms online saves time, money, driving and eliminates all the hassle.