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Client Stories



Kootenai Health

As the largest employer in Kootenai County, Kootenai Health's list of logowear needs is quite complex and interesting. We've created and adapted some very specialized solutions to fit this large organization's needs.

We provide KH with bulk ordering services for Company Wear, Event Shirts as well as host a dedicated "company store" for KH staff to purchase their uniforms. 

Fun fact: we began partnering with Kootenai Health the very first year Atomic Threads was started!



Timberline Adventures


Timberline Adventures in the CDA Plaza Shops is a prime example of a Merch client.

Being a destination attraction (a zipline company!), the owners of Timberline are smart to have a retail space at their location. "Exit through the gift shop" as they say. These savvy businesspeople purchase decorated logowear from Atomic Threads, to resell in their high-end storefront.

Our working partnership allows Timberline Adventures to offer their guests premium-quality wearable keepsakes, to remember an awesome ziplining experience for years to come. And best yet-- Their friends will all ask them about their cool gear AND about Timberline! Get your customers to do your marketing for you, because they WANT to!



Cosmic Cowboy

Cosmic Cowboy is another great longtime client, who fits into both the Company Wear and the Merch category. 

Cosmic staff all wear a casual (T-shirt & hat) uniform with company logo, and similar T-shirts & hats are available for purchase at the front counter. Fresh, custom designs keep customer interest high in Cosmic's merch. And being such a great local restaurant, folks just feel good wearing Cosmic gear!

Some organizations have been working with us ever since we launched in 2008. (Thank you!!)