We're doing what we can to help small local businesses to sustain until we've returned to normalcy

Wishing you could do more to help your community businesses during these strange times? Now is your chance to help those struggling owners + get your new favorite shirt! The profit from each shirt sale goes directly to the business you've chosen to support. 

Update #1: We've aligned with CDAide to receive money via direct donation on our site. They are still sorting out details, but funds are to be distributed directly to restaurant & hospitality workers who've been laid off because of the COVID-19 quarantine. More about this amazing local organization:

Update #2: Some business owners are opting for their donated portion to go to a general fund, to be then also be donated to charity. This money will also go to CDAide. The more the merrier!!

Print It Forward


Atomic Threads has also been heavily affected by the quarantine situation. Events are all canceled, schools closures and so many other small businesses in survival mode = Nearly all of our shirt orders canceled for the foreseeable future. These jobs are our lifeblood. Thank you to the ones we do have coming through right now. We appreciate you.

Our hope is that we can get at least partially back to work here, by helping the folks who've supported us the 10 years we've been in business. We're not sure how we're going to make it through this, and neither is anyone really. Please let us know if we can help you or someone you know by adding their shirt design to our web store. Half of the proceeds go directly to that business. Please help us spread the word! All are welcome!

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How you can help a small business, today:

Have them complete this form, and we will communicate with them to get their logo/design/artwork mocked up on a T-shirt + added to the Print It Forward site so they can start making some income again. It's that simple.

Artwork requirements:
    • Due to limited staff and time available on our end, all art must be submitted as a vector file (PDF is best)
    • Art can only be printed (for this fundraiser anyway) in 1 color, white ink.

Thank you for supporting our cause!! We will get through this!


*Please submit your MOST APPEALING design(s)! Your shirt sales will be much higher the cooler your design is + the bigger the impact we can make with this!

Also, don't forget-- The key to success here is for you to TELL EVERYONE about your shirt! Leverage your social media following, send to your e-mail list, make phone calls-- tell your Gramma about this, she's already so proud of you! :) The key here is to SPREAD. THE. WORD. to your tribe! You can do this!

Here's the link to the Print It Forward site. Copy and paste: GO!              

As soon as I've got your shirt live on the site, I'll e-mail you a PDF flyer to share + a direct link to your shirt. Let's do this thing!

      --Andrew @ AT



Note-- A few people have had errors submitting art:

  • If you get an error while trying to upload your logo file, complete this form + e-mail your art directly to me @: service -at-
  • If you've not received a response within 24 hours, feel free to follow up.
  • If art is print-ready, shirts typically get listed within 24 hours! Flyer + link to your shirt will be sent as soon as it's listed.

Re: Payments to your business: We've switched to making payments every two weeks, via Paypal. Our web store vendor charges 8% of total sales price (including shipping), so we split the difference with you-- Your per shirt payment will be for $9.60/ea (that's half of the 8% store fee taken out). Contact Andrew @ AT with any questions! Thanks again for being a part of this lively community project!

Half of proceeds raised by
Print It Forward go directly to help a local small business.