Terms & Conditions
for Quotes, invoices & all paid projects

For your satisfaction, please read & understand all of the following.
   (It's a lot of info, but these details are really, critically important!!)


     • NO WORK BEGINS UNTIL QUOTE IS APPROVED + PAID IN FULL. Payment is due at time of quote approval.

     • Quoted pricing is valid for 30 days.

     • Your quote approval constitutes acceptance of full responsibility for any errors and omissions contained in your quote/order. REVIEW YOUR QUOTE CAREFULLY! Atomic Threads, Inc. will not accept liability for errors overlooked after quote and art approvals are given.

Stock & sizing:


     • No upcharges for extended sizes, EVER! 2XL, 3XL, etc @ same pricing as other sizes. Tall styles/sizes not included.

     • Supplier stock is fluid, but accurate as of date quoted. (See "Stock Notes" above.) We'll advise if an item goes out of stock when payment is received, or if you ask us to check stock before approving your quote.

     • Need to try an item on BEFORE we decorate? Ask your rep BEFORE approving your art proof. (By special request only.) Return ship + restocking costs apply for all exchanges.

     • No returns after items have been decorated.

Payment terms:

     • Payment is due at time of quote approval.

     • Art proofs are started AFTER payment is received, never before. We can create proofs ahead of paying for a job, for a $75 non-refundable art fee.

     • Blank goods are only ordered after payment has been received.

     • We encourage payment by check or by CC using our secure online system, Printavo.

     • After you click the blue "Quote Approval" button at top left of your quote, the next page will ask for your credit card info.

Turnaround time:

     • Typically, our turnaround is 5-10 business days for projects with reordered artwork (designs we've printed for you previously).

     • For orders with new designs or personalization (names, etc), add 1 to 4 additional business days for the proofing process.

     • ETA's vary with seasonality, but we try extremely hard to maintain the above ETA's.

     • Projects with back ordered items or items requiring "redos" (ordering more blanks to replace ones ruined in production) will take longer.

     • Back orders are common now, and we typically will split your order into two quotes/invoices and run them as two production runs, when possible. We will decorate your "in stock" items in the first batch, then when the final "back order" items arrive, we will decorate everything remaining. We will advise you of back orders in the quote process.

     • Rush rates may apply for very quick turn projects.


     • Reorders will be priced at the corresponding quantity break price, not at the same quantity break/price as your previous order. Pricing for your reorder will reflect the actual quantity ordered at that time. 

      • We do not keep your screens imaged for very long after a job is printed. We will keep screens for up to 7 business days after an order, max. We will deduct $15 per screen from your reorder job when we are able to use saved screens. Setup and print labor still apply to quick follow up reorders.


Art proof process:

     • Proofs/mockups are sent for approval AFTER payment, typically within 1-4 business days.

     • Cost to create mockups <u>prior</u> to quote approval + payment in full is $75, non-refundable. (Or, see below)

     • For orders over $750, your art cost is included with the cost of your garments. (No art cost when proofs are sent after payment)

     • We will send virtual proofs in PDF format for approval prior to production. A digital proof is not an exact representation of the final result. If you have special requirements for ink or thread colors or the "look and feel" of your print, or any other special requests, please tell us prior to production.

     • Ink and thread color matches are approximate, and digital proofs vary by screen. If you need a specific color, you should request to see a physical sample in person or request a preproduction sample.

     • For critical jobs or for large quantity projects, often times a preproduction sample is "cheap insurance" to ensure your satisfaction. Ask your account specialist about costs and details of having a preproduction sample made.

Returns and exchanges:

     • No returns after items have been decorated. No exceptions. All sales are final. Once items have been decorated, there are no returns, exchanges or refunds. We can't "unprint" the items, return them to our vendors after decoration or sell them to anyone else once they've been decorated with your design. We cannot pull embroidery out & re-embroider over the design, except in very specific circumstances (simple text, names).

     • Orders for any outsourced parts (patches, digital print, etc) cannot be canceled after they have been ordered from our vendors.

     • If an order is canceled after blank garments have been ordered (and BEFORE decoration), we will deduct the cost of our supplier's restocking fee + return freight to send the blank items back. No returns for decorated items.

     • Completed orders not picked up after 30 days will be repurposed or given to a local non-profit thrift store.

     • We can never be too careful about making sure the details are all correct for a project, and neither can you. Assume nothing, and confirm everything beforehand. Communication is key to a successful print project. If you have specific needs or wants, you must communicate them to us as clearly as possible. We're printers, not mind readers! ;)

     • A quote link will be e-mailed to you prior to production. Please review all the details on your quote thoroughly and let us know if there are any discrepancies before clicking "Quote Approval" button. This is where we put it on you to double check that everything with your project is correct. Review your quote carefully! This is the last chance for you to make changes!

     • Sizing varies by brand, style and on rare occasions even by shirt color. We cannot offer exchanges or refunds due to sizing issues. We are more than happy to order in sizing samples for you to try on before we order all of your blanks. If you think you need to try something on, then you most certainly should. Just ask your account specialist about ordering sizing samples.

     • We do not decorate "Customer Provided Garments" AKA garments brought in from outside sources AKA not sold by Atomic Threads. More details here. We cannot be held responsible for misprinted or otherwise ruined items not sold by us, during production or after completion, even if it is our mistake. In contrast, AT guarantees all items we do sell to you.

Potential additional costs which may appear on your quote: 

     • We include shipping costs from most of our suppliers into our pricing, but for small orders or orders from outside of our usual vendors, we may need to pass freight costs on to you.

    • One ink color change *or* alternate screen is included in the pricing above (to make the print work on "light" and "dark" garments). Additional ink color changes will cost +$50 per color, per location, additional/alternate screens will cost +$50 per screen.
     • We stock many Pantone Matching System (PMS) ink colors and threads, and will mix or order custom colors as needed. If we must mix a custom color for your project, we charge an additional +$20 per custom color. This is a one time charge and we will keep your color on hand for future use.

     • Sometimes a design must be resized to fit a different sized garment (usually a very small, toddler item for example). We will typically use a digital print (not screen print) if this is the case.

     • If you decide not to have an item decorated but we've already ordered it from our vendor, we will need to charge you for return freight plus the restocking fee from our vendor(s).

    • We stock nothing and return all items not used for a project; we order only what we need to fulfill orders and we do not order "extras" in most cases. Add-ons after the initial order has been placed may require an (additional) shipping cost.

     • We have a very small loss rate, but "oopses" do happen. In most cases, if an item is ruined in production, we will credit you for the ruined item instead of replacing it, in most cases. If it is possible to leave a design on press and provided we can get replacement blanks in time, then we will simply redo/reprint the ruined items. Only in very rare circumstances will we set up a screen print job a second time to print ruined items. We alternately may use a digital print to complete any redos on your order.


Sales tax exemptions for resellers:

     • It is the client's responsibility to provide a tax exempt form (if applicable) PRIOR to quote approval . Orders without proper documentation will be charged sales tax; sales tax collected is not refundable.

(Whew. That's it!)​​​​​​​

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